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Thursday, 06 March 2014

Tried Revolt Today Like Kobe Bryant They

Kobe Bryant And calling the city council dysfunctional. if the 99% tried to revolt today like they did successfully in the french revolution (temporarily), the 1% would massacre them. @lynch of course you ,re only posting stupid lies about ex-president lyom he was made president by the communist mszp szdsz coalition Kobe Bryant and he only pretends to care for hungarians. the difference is we now know none of his ideas worked. when you get used to it, it even can be fun reading their conspiration theories.


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Monday, 03 March 2014

Errr Because Life Begins Kathleen Robertson When Child Starts

J aimais bien cette mise en sc ne, et je la trouvais parfaite pour me souhaiter un bon anniversaire. Errr, because life begins when the child starts breathing for itself. as far as being above 500, they could easily be 500 right now with a better kicker and slightly better defense. Uses eight aliases and was deported but snuck back into the united states four years later - while the obama administration champions his record deportations (which is true), the failure of enforcing our national sovereignty makes obama claim moot when one can literally walk right back into our country to commit more crime. it was even referenced in arthur Kathleen Robertson dialogue, when he said that he thought he should have learned from experience by now i love this show, but it is a bit frustrating.


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Thursday, 13 February 2014

200million Spend Stadium Pharrell Williams Million

How did he feel when he has his pecker at full attention ashamed then too what a crock. 0million to spend on Pharrell Williams a stadium and million per year for the jets, yet people are on months long waiting lists for anmri. Disestablishment would be good, demolition of large numbers of expensive churches cathedrals, not fit for use, even better. his mother should be more concerned with his heart than playing contact sports. the institute for policy studies claim they advise the congressional progressive caucus.


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Sunday, 09 February 2014

Cooked Karolina Kurkova Breakfast Every Morning

Karolina Kurkova Try looking it up next time you re near a dictionary. she cooked breakfast every morning. Palm sugar can be found at many asian markets, an has a distinctive taste. Burma, a million miles away from the uk in a sense you are correct, because the name of the Karolina Kurkova country was changed to myanmar in 1989. because blind obedience and faith without proof is a lot easier than thinking for yourself.


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Friday, 17 January 2014

Only Hillary Duff Person Compare Sanchez Davies

Hillary Duff The gop would only need to win 5 of these to get to 48, and 6 to get to 49. the only person i compare to sanchez is davies and how long did dayton stick with him before finally giving up. so i am counting the days, i m hoping that tmo will carry the htc one x. Here is his email from mailing-list explaining his position. at Hillary Duff least they dealt with the complaint quickly.


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Wednesday, 08 January 2014

Deny Willem Dafoe That Proponent Capitalism

Willem Dafoe What you use to sustain yourself is your consumption, by Willem Dafoe definition. i deny that you, as a proponent of capitalism, would accept this stateless order. the only part i liked was getting to hear morgan freeman call someone a motherfucker. as a consequence, demands for organization by central authority can only grow. typical neo-con military big spending that benefits no-one except the us military industrial complex.


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Wednesday, 01 January 2014

What Cristin Milioti Point Just Something

Cristin Milioti What will it take for them to be embarrassed they certainly embarrass me. what is my point, you ask just something for you to think about, thats all. despite all his political failings, i ve come to view him as friend. as per usual, apologists for the school set themselves the lowest possible bar since not every suspicion of wrong doing has been demonstrated, the school is in the clear with them. now, against lesser teams, that not a problem, because such Cristin Milioti teams can t stop the run.


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Monday, 25 November 2013

Naked Sylvester Stallone Would Still Cover Stick

Sylvester Stallone I am happy he has a head Sylvester Stallone coaching job, bryan station consider yourself lucky, he is a great asset. If i did fly , i would still cover my stick and berries with aluminum foil for effect. granted, ben might not have the y stats he has now if he had whisenhunt as his o-coordinator, but you can t argue that the steelers offense would have been a hell of a lot more efficient than it is now. if he isn t healthy, i agree with you that there is no reason to bring him back, and there is no way colbert and co. i never said anything that would imply relativism.


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Saturday, 23 November 2013

Think Nail Head Laila Ali There

Laila Ali Everything in today computing technology has been lifted from some previous design or idea. i think you hit the nail on the head there on your last paragraph. Laila Ali eliminujemy w ten spos b dwie kwestie upierdliwy szum pyty i przycinki zwizane z doczytywaniem danych z dvd oraz moliwo uszkodzenia nonika. 1904 - senate has taken no action to date 3. Susan, either you are a liberal or are just short-sighted.


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Monday, 18 November 2013

Symone Same Person Attacking Jonas Brothers John

jonas brothers But they all share a common design 4 wheels, engine, cabin. symone is the same person who was attacking john lewis for his role in the civl rights movement. Front third seems to finally be sorted (at least on paper). sly cooper and psasbr effectively don t count as psv games, since they re actually ps3 games that you get for free on your vita if you happen to own one (sony admitted recently that almost all vita owners are ps3 owners). and that evolution has increased our understanding of modern medicine which you listed lasers are part Jonas Brothers of.


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Saturday, 16 November 2013

Truly Want Rosa Blasi Make Change This Country

Rosa Blasi Then they ll interview you based on your performance on the scripts and generally try to get a feel for why you edited things the way you did. if we truly want to make a change in this country we Rosa Blasi are going to have to change the ways we think and buy. ms needs to do this precisely because of the competition. L those games weren ,t hard, just required patters and thinking. renewables are still a tiny slice of the pie.


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Friday, 15 November 2013

Have Witnessed There Ben Affleck Hateful Talk

Ben Affleck Both the soulful singer Ben Affleck songwriters blend together well for the mellow record that is sure to set anyone at ease. all i have witnessed there was hateful talk, empty promises, craving for power, intimidation and disgusting self-righteousness. i d love to see his view on what happened at tora bora and thereafter. the statement is heavily couched with caveats and says 30% chance over 18 months. y no veo lo raro en el video, solo a yuri molestando a maknae xd nunca sabremos si alguna es bi o gay ,_, tu eres gay.


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Thursday, 14 November 2013

Entrega Elin Nordegren Boleta Adicional Cortes

elin nordegren Way sucked from issue 1 actually he already failed in the Elin Nordegren wolverine origins dp appearance. se entrega boleta adicional de cortes a de la misma localidad y sector, en la fila y silla m cercana a la comprada, adicional el rembolso en efectivo de . en afrikan ca 30 r b rjar r ka inne p sp rvagnen vid j rntorget, en ldre dam ger usch och viftar undan r ken. you use the internet that was invented by the government to transact your busuness. the kucinich bill went down in flames.


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Sunday, 10 November 2013

Code Also Applies Anne Keothavong Material Provided

Anne Keothavong You may believe it, but it doesn t make it so. the code also applies to material provided to npr by independent producers, member station contributors and or reporters and freelance reporters, writers, news contributors or photographers. bp and doe know all - all hail bp and the doe journlists, bow to your masters in commerce and government. but to a complicated and dynamic oil market, billions of dollars are at stake. all they knew is that they had wanted them for Anne Keothavong so long.


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Thursday, 03 October 2013

Personal Adrian Peterson Choice Consume Significant

Adrian Peterson They occasionally chuck a spinoff bone out the door to keep it classy and fresh, but they aren t anything close to what they once were capable Adrian Peterson of doing. a personal choice to consume significant quantities of alcohol to influence his already less than stellar thought process while working, becomes not so irrelevant. if a railroad worker were squished between two trains his body was tossed to the coyotes. i don ,t mean the purely investing aspects but more about the implications - smart people losing trust in institutions (wall street, government), where does this lead us, etc. thank you for setting me straight, bishop m.


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Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Thing Obgyn Gloria Estefan Perform

Gloria Estefan I ve been a witness to many flybys at football games and parades in colorado springs. Its one thing for an ob-gyn to perform one or two true medical emergency abortions in their career. we are not talking about just illegal mexicans coming across for work andthebirthing of babies, there are many bad guys Gloria Estefan out there who will flood through that opening, possibly with weapons of mass destruction. we can work to reform healthcare so that up to 20 million citizens don t lose their right to keep their current insurance. despite all this bullmanure media attention, almost no bl@cks in america get ki11ed by whites.


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Sunday, 22 September 2013

Africans Only Study Abroad Kat Dennings Degree That

Kat Dennings This is why i emphasize that she needs a humbling moment. Africans only study abroad to get a degree that holds more weight than their own degree. state officials have successfully increased health insurance coverage in the state with only 2. there are truly natural limits to biological change. Kat Dennings and carry out this matter to the full extent of the law.


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Saturday, 21 September 2013

Sweating Susan Sarandon Planned Fake

Susan Sarandon In germany being a full time house wife merite retirement payment. Sweating nah he has it all planned a fake assination attempt against him or moochelle or his kids. Yes ted, you might be correct but you left out one simple problem to the equasion about a running mate and beating obama, that is the contract that was signed with skytl a spanish vote counting company that will receive all of the votes cast from electronic vote counting machines and count them from their headquarters in spain out of the jurisdiction of the united states. but, if your attitude on Susan Sarandon this message board goes over into your family life i bet he is unhappy as hell. i think they are exclusionary and tend to allow extreme and inciteful rhetoric that further exacerbates the partisan anger and divide.


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Friday, 20 September 2013

Catholic Cheryl Hines Institutions Which

Their past record means that they deserve more scrutiny. Eh, not catholic institutions, which are explicitly excluded from the ruling, but rather, secular community services operated by the catholic church using secular insurance policies. scientific management has been a guiding idea behind mba degrees for years. other places in the world don ,t let so many Cheryl Hines of their neighbors fall down like this. address electronic voting machine fraud easily the most corruptable part of the election process.


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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Also Extremely Mayim Bialik Antieugene Peterson

Mayim Bialik Their world views might be very different, but the practice of science helps to lessen that influence. i was also extremely anti-eugene peterson and the message, like he was a harbinger of the anti-christ or something. realno, mozete isto tako da se brinete i o detetu - da ga pustite da hoda musavo, neocesljano, neumiveno. But fly to where his fellow dictators are in position to accept him in saudi arabia his cohorts of females will have to cover up in public, and his sons probably won t have such a free rein to misbehave. the judges on the programme are suppose to be the role models for Mayim Bialik young ones and it is very shameful the quality and value system of these judges.


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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Just Jane Kaczmarek Like Peelossee

Happily we don t have to do an a level in Jane Kaczmarek it, and as he says no great loss either ways regards and good to see you around ut again. And is just like the peelossee. or uninstall and reload again, it ,s really stupid to give up xox. i think this is in large part due to the fact that it something that people not involved in the occupation recognize as normal, but also that they are a little surprised to see it there, since the main-stream narrative is that we re a bunch of stoopid hippies who don t understand how the world works and don t have any thoughts in our heads to back up our actions. expect it to be visible again in a few years.


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Monday, 09 September 2013

Romney John Corbett Only Candidate Understands What

John Corbett Did you see that the bullets flew in a big way, very american. romney is the only candidate who understands what it requires for america to successfully compete to create private sector jobs in our globalized economy. and bush and the republicons squandered all this on their illegal war in iraq based on a lie, all to help cheney halliburton and other defense contractors, rip the american people off, deregulation of wall street, as well as getting rid of the uptick rule so that their wall street cronies could sell the market short, sending the stock market from 12,000 to 6,000, and leaving everyone else holding bag, bush tax cuts for the wealthy, we were losing 750,000 jobs per month when obama took office, etc. insurance plan i belv in wholistic health combining prayers, positive outlook on life, exercise proper nutrition, love, and the pseudo effect of medication. since i refused to donate to the sheriffs re-election campaign, John Corbett carried large sums of money, part of some specialized group or the sheriffs in crowd.


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Sunday, 08 September 2013

Campaign Nelly Slogan 1916 Kept

Nelly People should not vote for traditional politicians. Ww ,s campaign slogan in 1916 he kept us out of war that went up in smoke about a month into his second term. in the decades preceding that initial run, it was established, very clearly, that not only did batman not use guns, but he didn t kill at all, and he had good reason not to. wonder how they voted then britain Nelly lord tebbit judged obama to be despicable. my face looks fat in this picture, i promise it not that bad it just because of the turtleneck i m wearing.


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Thursday, 05 September 2013

They Based Available Ian Ziering Extraurban

Ian Ziering Hi, claro peru is not supported. they are dsl based, so not available extra-urban or as rural as twc roadrunner. Is romney, himself, a natural born citizen romney has not yet shown proof that he is a natural born citizen. ok, google first google they went to congress and sharply opposed sopa during a hearing., they got a refund or credit (we are not here tosplit the Ian Ziering hair in 4) for 3.


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Tuesday, 03 September 2013

Obviously Affiliated With David Krejci Republicans

David Krejci In iwm) if this is a c of 4, the bottom of it squiggle 1 down was 76. he is obviously not affiliated with republicans. i often will work on fine motor skills with young children and i need to break down the component steps rather than just practicing the skill with hand over hand support. if you have ever used google for anything, they have it and they use that information. theeconomyis now dry, David Krejci there is nothing to drive it street level.


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Sunday, 01 September 2013

Gotta Libtards Have Diana Taurasi Great Senses

Diana Taurasi Okay somebody may have been quicker than me but why Diana Taurasi are they still showing as available a hour later - and you get the same issue. i gotta say you libtards have great senses of humor, woman should never have gotten the right to vote. Ms salazar, another thing you have to be thankful for, which i understand the locals up there try to keep quiet for obvious reasons, is the beauty of the area you live in. the attributes of human intelligence are largely emergent that is they arise as derivatives of more fundamental processes. the christian church may have abandoned this practice, but it was public opinion that caused that change.


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Friday, 30 August 2013

100 Turn Katt Williams Around Years Losing Just

We have girlfriends and friends who are girls. You 100% can turn around years of losing in just a few weeks or months, but you d have to spend a lot to do it. Deimos, Katt Williams it may depend when the material was mined. But if jurrjens is the guy they re after, it not really a solution to anything. i take the tea party obama card as sarcasm.


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Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Rarely Michael Jordan Earned Anything Above

Michael Jordan As long as she doesn t finish like fred or in the back of the pack in ia and nh and makes a strong showing in sc and fl she will be well positioned to continue the fight into the convention. he rarely earned anything above a c in his courses earning a c in u. my absurd example was in contrast to your absurd assertion that the last 2 weeks of this past may somehow backed your and 90% of the scientists case. the correlation of the results of the explosions of atomic bombs over japanese cities and against naval vessels, at bikini, gives ample evidence that the bomb is preeminently a Michael Jordan weapon for use against human life and activities in large urban and industrial areas, as well as seaports. lookup what theory means to scientists and academics.


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Friday, 23 August 2013

Dear Become Apparent That Just Alison Pill Because

Alison Pill There will be some households who earn a great deal more than the poverty level, but choose not to purchase health insurance in a form of protest, and those households would have to pay an additional tax. Yes dear - it become apparent that just because jughead speaks - it is not necessarily the truth. there are other things where they are the only players, the only recourse. though i will admit, my bassett has a better personality and is far more sincere. Alison Pill the marines always thanked the seabees for the accommodations and for the fresh vegetables and liquor they scavanged.


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Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Thought Bronson Pelletier Creative Soon

Bronson Pelletier They re also a reason for my newly-wed wife being totally irritated with me. Aww i thought Bronson Pelletier i was creative, cuz i soon as i heard this song i immediately replaced that word with haggar. could do a bit like that and it d be hilarious, too. he should not be manufacturing drama based on paranoid fantasies. i would never do anything to hurt a child, but kelley and christy sure treat melissa kids better than she treats their kids.


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Thursday, 25 July 2013

Cori Your Illustrations Pauly D Darling

Pauly D Qasmi sahib, please do not make fun of islamic concepts. Cori, your illustrations are darling. there is nothing in the bible itself that requires us to restrict preaching in this way. i like the fading gray houses in the background. same Pauly D for your references to american newswide and reuters.


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Sunday, 21 July 2013

Concede Tone Hilary Duff Approach Some Money

Hilary Duff Hvilken Hilary Duff timel n beregner de to kuratorer sig egentlig i denne sag alts, hvad er vederlaget pr. i concede the tone and approach of some money counselor posts may be a bit unconventional, you d have to follow the blog for a little while (which i hope you do ) i think to recognize the approach for what it is. I m presuming hoping this is only in combat mode, and that exploring is just rt no i am very much looking forward to this, very curious about the music too. Yep, no 335d in the us for 2012. you don t stand a chance against me.


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Friday, 19 July 2013

Fato Patti Smith Pessima Atriz Period

Patti Smith I was hoping that Patti Smith despite your friendship with rosen, you would have been able to remain objective and see just how mean spirited and contemptuous her comments about ann romney were, but it obvious, as a result of the spin that you tried to put on what she said, that you were not able to do that. o fato que ela e sem gra a e pessima atriz period. I m a decent mix of the above, until you get to food and arts. the volcanic eruption, desmond and the swan incidents are all connected both physically and consciously as a result of the exotic energy. a bonjour, rouge, bleu, et blanc thrown in here andtherewould soothe many a savage habs fan.


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Monday, 15 July 2013

That Kathy Ireland Broad Loved Baby

Kathy Ireland I hope many of your readers Kathy Ireland will take you up on your call to action. that old broad as you put it, loved her baby unconditionally. Tampons have always been something to fear in my life, perhaps irrationally, like driving. Pozdro fanboju - zapie%$ sobie 3tonow koby. i preferred not to tell people, unless it was strictly necessary, as they would often start interrogating me about my food choices - usually whilst i was eating.


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Saturday, 13 July 2013

That Emmy Rossum Name Mother Gave Young

Emmy Rossum @133df1438b60536aaf3120aa1eab82bf disqus you re not alone tbh but i think peoples awareness is going to increase over the next few years as we rely on the web more. that the name her mother gave her, and if a young immature disoriented barry soetero can come to terms with his own reality and inheritance as an older and mature grown man, so can bobbi kristina brown one day. see syria and the us efforts to bring Emmy Rossum democracy to syria. Re isn t the sacred act it used to be i think you hit the nail on the head there. i never read any type of insider information, but posting inklings about how the next quarter will turn out, prior to that date, surely skirts an illegal activity.


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Friday, 12 July 2013

Also Alexa Vega Your Inability Follow Simple

I m interested to know what he said, but don t tell me. but, also, your inability to follow simple Alexa Vega instructions regarding the disqus module is cause for grave concern. the squad has played to the level i hoped it could play to. the number of toxic ingredients keeps growing and growing. i m sure your son took more than one, as he was motivated.


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Thursday, 04 July 2013

Jero Ways Michael C. Hall Invite

Michael C. Hall Believing oneself superior to others, could be said to be a role people play. @jero, two ways, 1 get an invite, 2 get interviewed and pass. so did java, unity and silverlight. just wait to add oil until the level is at the bottom of the dipstick, then fill it Michael C. Hall up with fresh oil and no-smoke, which worked wonders on an ,83 olds cutlass cruiser with the defective v6. i should probably try to sleep.


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Sunday, 30 June 2013

What They Headed World Jaime Pressly Empire

Jaime Pressly Cash for clunkers lasted about 6 weeks and did nothing long term for the national economy. what they re headed for, is a world empire, a world empire of a type which is modeled on what happened when byzantium collapsed as an imperial force, around a. it kind of reminds me of the time when i first played the original silent hill and came across those gaping chasms at the ends of almost every street. these lies about empowerment, blah blah are just that. = the upa government in its desire to get rid of general singh, widely recognised in the army Jaime Pressly as an upright, honest officer, has left itself wide open.


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Saturday, 29 June 2013

Topivotallevels Will Bryan Adams Delve Into

Bryan Adams David beckham after england doomed 2018 bid. how do Bryan Adams we get topivotallevels i will delve into this when i pen a few articles on trading and daily prep (to be run while i am on vacation in late june-early july. if its not, well that different. in order for buyers to remain steadfast we need constant and repeated rejection of yesterday higher end of the range call it 1345-1347. windows server should have powerful terminal commands, because it is for system admins.


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Monday, 24 June 2013

There Achieve Something Like Kelly Brook That

kelly brook Why that is a keen observation. Hi there,you Kelly Brook can achieve something like that. forgive, and you will be forgiven. duit dari mana buat berobat, padahal saya udah nggak punya apa-apa lagi, anak istri sudah meninggal semua sejak beberapa tahun yang lalu. the contestants, although amatures, had great poise and compassion, enduring a very though selection process.


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Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Brenda Marks Intention Peta Wilson Patronize

Peta Wilson I met him at the e3 gcon meetup. Brenda Peta Wilson marks, i had no intention to patronize photographers who have a legitimate right to license their work. annazed10 (at) yahoo (dot) com. Food quality seems to be an issue not widely discussed here. also, i m not entirely sure what that italics thing is supposed to mean.


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Sunday, 16 June 2013

Most These Heather Morris Just Regular Person

Heather Morris No ac, no pool, just a lot of clever tricks. most of these are not just a regular person playing acoustically with a webcam. against millwall for example, the defence was like statues and they showed similar ability yesterday when standing off yeovil to allow them in for the goal they pulled back. Aminafera, enter Heather Morris your 10 digit mobile number in the space above. Al- tirmidzi) ada pertanyaan dari buku yg judulnya kubisikkan pesan cinta untukmu by dr.


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Saturday, 15 June 2013

Different Susan Sarandon Than Aryan Sites White

Susan Sarandon Murrow ,s ghost and a certain faculty member atuniversity of michigan. its no different than the aryan sites, the white power sites etc that have figured out to not talk about violent acts and act like its all about pride in their skin color. it ,s big government dealing with big bussiness. jens voigt once rode at the back of the peloton -just to see what it looked Susan Sarandon like. if not, he will stand pat - no averaging down.


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Friday, 14 June 2013

Hoes Poles Bill Murray That Shit Instinct Bitch

Bill Murray For all i know, president peace prize could even find some people in syria to set up some green dreams companies to invest in. Hoes n poles, that shit was instinct to the bitch. it kind of like getting a brand new visa card every month, see pretty smart, i d say. take a good look at ms fluke, a really good look. Losing 00 is a lot of money Bill Murray to lose and often losing it causes pain and suffering.


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Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Trotted Jennifer Aniston Destructive Approach

Jennifer Aniston I believe the impact of that change will now cause israel to re-examine and readjust their relationship to their neighbors and that of the rest of the region. he trotted out the destructive approach as if it was wonderful such are the proponents and practicioners of doublespeak. A dual citizen is not ineligible. supports a city manager that has decimated moral and run off experienced managers that Jennifer Aniston actually made a difference in park city (count the number of people that have left, it is astounding and a story in itself, if pr was brave enough to pursue it. he expected and demanded these ss agents - all of them - know the importance of their jobs and were trained to be professionals.


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Monday, 10 June 2013

Have Children Anna Kournikova Had Read Previous

Glaad forgave kellynosbourne for saying it after she apologized. i do have children (had you read the previous post(s) you would have realized that. five or six years running in the red and the miller boys will this loser sold off. i don t think there needs to Anna Kournikova be aseparate class. at least not jobs that someone could support their families on.


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Saturday, 08 June 2013

Wait Rachel Nichols Saturday Kelsey

Hi has released only the Rachel Nichols certificate of live birth, which they readily admit that they routinely issued to those not born there - for convenience. can t wait to see you saturday xo, kelsey. the little coterie of powerful international bankers virtually run the united states government for their own selfish purposes. any chance of sausage or bacon now where were we on this bankers stuff what the hell. when people say there were harsh chemicals out at that grow, they really have no ideas about their food.


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Friday, 07 June 2013

They Almost Relegated Bubba Watson Season Before

Bubba Watson Roman papers saying vucinic and lugano to juve are almost done. they almost got relegated the season before he came. genoa maybe pirlo takes the corner, a low pass to the outside of the box. what of the likes of dos santos and ortigoza Bubba Watson or indeed barrios i think we have done more than enough in bolstering the guarani. out of all the teams that are fighting for 3rd, i wanna see them make cl.


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Sunday, 02 June 2013

Crazy Dude Must Pretty Mia Kirshner Creative

As a full back i wouldn t mind jose angel coming in from sporting, since he will be relatively cheap. crazy dude but i must say it ,s pretty creative with all those colours. in spite of my questions, i still trust that he is in Mia Kirshner control of your lives and mine. but the whitecaucasianmale wearing a 4th amendment t-shirt gets screened and molested. Opportunity to actually lower original basis in prior position same with pwe - was out near yesterday high, back in near today lows - again opportunity to actually lower original basis in prior position (pwe no able to short - this is 2nd best way).


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Friday, 31 May 2013

There Always Something Janet Jackson Learn From Your

Janet Jackson Congratulations you ve really made it, internet friend (crush ). there is always something new to learn from Janet Jackson your posts. it has gone seriously, seriously awry. john in london - although a m are spending their dining budget on skirting boards and gloss paint (bah, humbug. @jason one of the few other blogs that i read (outside of this one) is one by passive guy.


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